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How You Can Be Involved

Help us with our challenging mission in what ever way you can. The rewards can be many when you know you are helping people find meaningful places to live, learn, work and play in today’s world. We are looking for people who share our vision and are interested in working in a fulfilling position; investing time as a volunteer; referring people for membership; or completing an academic internship. Peoples Oakland’s excellent reputation is based on our ability to turn community support into positive results.


Peoples Oakland is always looking for dedicated, creative, people-oriented, community volunteers who have the interest, talents and time to share with our members and staff. We develop positions based on the interests and skills of the volunteers while matching them to the strengths and needs of our members and programs. Volunteers assist with daily programs activities, technology issues, fundraising events and serve on the Board of Directors.


Peoples Oakland welcomes financial supporters who believe in us, our mission, and our members. Peoples Oakland’s Board of Directors is now requesting large gifts from foundations, corporations and individuals to support our pioneering work in assisting mental health consumers with their Recovery goals. Gifts for support of operations and special projects are always welcome and acknowledged. Some of our current needs include technology upgrades, development of innovative programs enhancing peer training and program participation, wellness center equipment and capacity building. In addition, bequests and gifts of securities are very welcome.

Work for Us

Peoples Oakland is always looking for staff, volunteers and students who have the best “people skills” and who enjoy the challenges and rewards of working with our members. Paid positions include rehabilitation counselors, program supervisors and administrative and clerical positions.


Peoples Oakland collaborates with all the area universities and colleges. We have placements available each term for students to complete their internships and/or practicum at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. We work with the various disciplines and departments such as social work, psychology, rehabilitation counseling, pharmacology and information technology. Placements are supervised by staff members based on the academic requirements.

Check with your academic program adviser to see if a Peoples Oakland academic placement is right for you. For more information about academic placement, please contact Allison Haley:  or Andrea Tempalski: