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All programs share a common vision, to cultivate a culture of love. In pursuit of this Vision, our members commit to living out 5 core values: Hope, Integrity, Respect, Empathy, and Humility. There are three programs which members may join to gain access to our services.

Social Rehabilitation Program for Peoples Oakland

Social Rehabilitation Program

Aims to foster a community which gives members a sense of belonging and social connectedness.

Eligibility Criteria: The individual must be 18 years old or older, reside in Allegheny county, be currently enrolled in treatment, and be diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness. Referral must be filled out by a member of the individuals treatment team.

Psych Rehabilitation Program for Peoples Oakland

Coming Soon! Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

Following Boston University’s “Choose-Get-Keep” process, members who participate in Peoples Oakland Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services, work to develop strengths and achieve goals in the following domains: Living, Learning, Working, and Socializing.

Eligibility Criteria: The individual must be 18 years old or older, reside in Allegheny county, be diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness, suffer from moderate to severe functional impairment as a result of the mental illness, and choose to receive Psychiatric Rehabilitation services. Referral must be made by a licensed practitioner of the healing arts (physician, licensed psychologist, PA, or CRNP).

Reentry Program for Peoples Oakland

Reentry Program

Peoples Oakland has expanded our programs to provide mental health and community supports to individuals suffering from chronic, severe mental illness who are re-entering society after incarceration. The services offered at Peoples Oakland will help bridge the gap between mental health services and re-entry to achieve greater recovery, improved quality of life, and reduced likelihood of recidivism for reentrants.

Eligibility Criteria: The individual must be 18 years old or older, reside in Allegheny county, have been diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness or wish to engage in mental health treatment, have been incarcerated within the last 6 months. Referral can be filled out by individual or member of treatment team.


All programs include the following services:

A Peoples Oakland member speaking with a counselor

Counseling and Therapeutic Support

Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselors offer daily crisis intervention, helping to resolve member crises across a variety of domains. Services include: 

  • Individual Counseling
  • Daily Recovery Support Group
  • Anger Management
  • Mental Illness & Substance Abuse Group
  • Various Psychoeducational and Recovery Support Groups based on Member Feedback & Therapeutic Needs

Peoples Oakland members at a summer bonfire

Social & Recreation Services

Social supports are crucial to a successful life for anyone. Recreational activities give places for social skills to form and be practiced in collaborative relationships with staff and through peer interaction.

  • Breakfast Club
  • Board Games, Pool & Ping Pong
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Bingo
  • Community Outings

Peoples Oakland members at the gym

Nutrition & Fitness Services

Nutrition and Fitness activities assist members in understanding and applying a holistic approach to creating a healthy lifestyle.

  • On-Site Fitness Center
  • Walking Group
  • Intra-agency Sports League
  • Programs Subject to Rotation Based On Member Requests

A Peoples Oakland member signing up for employment services and get resources

Employment Services

Peoples Oakland offers a wide range of employment support services. Support and opportunities are tailored to each member’s strengths and needs. Services offered include:

  • On The Job Training Opportunities
  • Resume Development
  • Job Search & Interview Assistance
  • Linkage To Benefits Counseling

Resource Coordination in action for Peoples Oakland

Resource Coordination

Peoples Oakland’s resource coordinator is available to assist you with:

  • Link to housing coordination
  • Obtain Identification
  • Apply for SSI/SSDI
  • Apply for Health Care
  • Coordination with any necessary community supports to meet member needs and pursue member goals.